Brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)



Brushtail possums were successfully introduced to New Zealand from Australia in 1858 to establish a fur industry, after a failed attempt in 1837.

This large adaptable mammal can forage through large areas of forest every night in search of insects, fungi, plant material (leaves, fruit, flowers, seeds), reptiles, land snails and birds (adults, chicks and eggs).

Possums can range far and wide to find these foods, and are both a competitor and predator of our native wildlife and the forests they need to survive.



Our current control method is the sentinel kill trap, which is secured on a tree using a simple piece of pipe which enables them to be moved easily.

Higher capture numbers seem to come from changing the lure on the bait clip (white plastic square in picture) to different scents. Currently we are using a paste from Goodnature (Wellington based company), Ferafeed (Connovation) and possum dough (Trappers Cyanide Ltd).

Please contact us if you would like more information about our possum trapping.

Useful Resources

Possum trapping map (along stoat trapping lines) (PDF, 1.2MB) | Sentinel setting instruction sheet (PDF, 203KB)

Possum Trapping Gallery