Controlling introduced pests to protect our wildlife

Our conservation and pest control work is many and varied, and continues all year.

  • 300 hectares of rat control around the village of St Arnaud
  • 40km of stoat trap lines in and around Nelson Lakes National Park
  • long term stoat bait trials
  • monitoring 40 possum traps
  • trapping of feral cats using live capture cages
  • conducting wasp bait trials
  • seasonal wasp control
  • monitoring of lizard populations
  • monitoring of robin populations
  • building and maintaining the hundreds of stoat and rat trap boxes required

Group photo Roster co-ordinators look after the rat trapping and various stoat trapping lines, with regular bait changes and trap checks occurring during the year. Volunteers can choose how much or how little they are involved, from almost weekly to a few times a year.

Watch the New Zealand Television Series 'Meet the Locals' who talked to our volunteers and RNRP DOC staff back in 2006.